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Me & my Studio

DCS.studio, or DeadlyCreativeSpaces.studio, was born in 1996, when interior design magazine fell into the hands of the founder of the office – Barbara. It was the first time, that occurred to her that interior design was what she would like to do in the future. Supported by parents: Dad – architect and Mum – dancer, she went to architectural studies. Six years, several countries and architectural offices later, Barbara decided to implement the first home interior design project near Warsaw and to open her own office. The first headquarters was located in Warsaw in Saska Kępa. There, in 2009, Anna joined the team. From 2019, the office moved to Józefosław and expanded to include the youngest employee – Agnieszka.





In 2007, she completed architectural studies with a design of a yoga pavilion at Pole Mokotowskie. Already at university, she started working in Poland, and later in Australia in architectural offices, where she dealt with many projects of housing areas and office buildings. At work, she loves to mix styles, combine new and old, expensive solutions with economical ones. She feels best in the design of houses and apartments due to close contact with the client, which creates functional spaces with a “soul”. Privately – a fan of jazz and ballet, art deco style, boutique hotels, stylish lamps and posters, photography, Japanese cuisine and heavy Australian red wine. Her friends bring her from “Little Prince” books from around the world – she already has over 50 editions in her collection in nearly 40 languages.


“What is important to me in architecture is proportions, coherence, harmony and what I call sincerity – in my projects I always focus on authenticity and I take great care to remember who I design for.”




She completed architectural and urban studies in 2006. Winner of the second place in the competition for the best student architectural design of the Poznań branch of SARP and co-author of urban projects, which won twice the first place in competitions. As she admits, she has always been attracted to a smaller scale and artistic atmosphere, which is why she quickly turned architectural studio into an interior design office. Specialist in refining projects in detail – translating concepts into detailed drawings and supervising their consistency. Giving in to her passion for beautiful appearance of projects, she completed post-graduate studies in the field of “Computer graphics and multimedia techniques”. She is passionate about all handicrafts, especially sewing on a machine. Anna loves to put together various colorful fabrics and create colorful bags and handbags from them.


„I enjoy creating technical drawings that are not only information for the contractor, but also visually beautiful. This is the result of my passion for colors and artistic tendencies :)”




She finished urban planning in 2012 and architecture in 2017 with the concept of SPA in a spa town. For several years an employee of architectural and urban planning offices and Warsaw University of Technology who dealt with issues related to small- and large-scale design and the use of the latest technologies for design needs.
She tries to be perfect in every action, according to the principle that the devil is in the details (more detailed is only Barbara). She loves marketing and social media activities in work.
She is passionate about the culture and flavors of Japan (shodō, umeshu and sushi are well-known to her), potato dishes (all of them!), musicals and detective stories (maybe one day they would combine with each other 😊). And after hours – declared computer player!


„One of the most pleasant elements of design is working with a team while creating the concept and cooperation with the client, which create unusual solutions and unique interiors.”

The Team

Barbara Jasicka


Anna Kałuska


Agnieszka Wielądek


Join our team.

Join our team.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us and send your CV and portfolio.